The Muenster Volunteer Fire Department is made up of local men who sacrifice their time and lives to those of us in the community who are in an emergency. Currently, the fire department is in the process of raising money for their new Fire Station that will be located on the 300 block of West Main Street. Construction for the new station is scheduled to begin late 2016.

To buy a brick, or make a donation, please contact Bin Bindle. Click here for the form to donate a brick

Contact information for the Fire Department:

Phone: (940) 759-2236 ext 206

Email: mufire@ntin.net

Mailing Address: PO Box 206, Muenster, TX 76252


Our goal is to provide the citizens and guests of Muenster with a safe and enjoyable environment to thrive and visit. Law Enforcement for us is more than just enforcing laws. It is being a part of the community, a part that everyone sees as beneficial and our citizens are proud of.

Contact information for the Fire Department:

Phone: (940) 759-2236 

After Hours, please call the Sherriff Dept: (940) 665-3471

Email: muensterpdtx@ntin.net

Mailing Address: PO Box 208, Muenster, TX 76252